Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring is Here and We've Got to sell this House

I'm telling you.... We're so excited about moving to Nashville! but not so excited about OUR REALTOR who let our house expire... we have a new one, Keller Williams, and are having an open house this weekend. My kids are so funny... we did an assignment on Women in History today and they were talking about "The Color Purple". I started quoting "Sophia" "alls my life i håd to fight"
after they stopped laughing hysterically Rosalyn asked me to say something from "Beloved", a scary as hell movie that I didn't know any lines from. Although I love Toni Morrison don't get me wrong. i love to shock my kids, they think because I'm white, that I must've voted for Bush, and I couldn't possible sing the song from "Hustle and Flow" which I did sing the other day while rehearsing for UIL (sorry, but it's on the radio, right?) I mean, it was nominated for an Oscar... and NOW "the color purple", yesterday one of my students asked me if I was mixed, I take it as a compliment ALTHOUGH I think it's because I have a big butt! I've been told I had a sister booty before, by my students.... they hold nothing back, let me tell you!!! HAHAH! I'm proud of my butt! How did I get here from my story about the realtor....so me... now to run off this butt... I must go to the gym....yuck because it's SOOOO HOT right now! and I really need to rehang some of the photos and readjust my furniture so those with no imagination WILL LOVE THIS HOUSE. which is SO cute by the wåy! It's a cottage. that would probably cost 500,000 in L.A. but you can have it here in Ft. Worth for a mere 90,000 bucks! POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING!

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