Thursday, March 02, 2006

Baby Face

How cute is this!!!!!???? She is an angel! Took this for a friend. What a subject.
It's almost spring break and I am thrilled! Heading to Nashville for the week, getting a job while I'm there. So much going'm fasting during the day now... it's crazy hard, but seems to be working! It's not like I'm a Muslim, but my friends are and I'm adopting the "find yourself through fasting" for 30 days, holiday. that the one? It takes such discipline. It really does make you examine who you are, instead of masking it with that vat of macaroni and cheese, which is what I like to do... Hmmm... wonder when people are going to come from miles around to examine my blog. I love reading others... one's like a soap for me. I'm hooked. It feels rather voyeristic. eavesdropping on people's lives...hence the memoir, the blog. I'm reading "In Cold Blood", no connection to anything I'm talking about but I do want to see Capote and I just ran across the book in some dark corner of the library while I was there with my ESL reading class. Someone said "Is there a book on diseases?"" Anything to get them to read... I'm like "sure over here, and then I spotted it." It's fascinating really. And even more bizarre is how the town is practically a shrine to the murders. I talk like I won't drive through there myself the next time I'm in Kansas. My mother -in-law is from an area close... It's devastating what happened to that family. And I don't even know why yet, I'm on page 100.
I can't put it down. Capote was a great writer.

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