Thursday, March 30, 2006


Oh my God! I'm in the faculty stepshow, it's next Friday and going to be pure comedy because we get to put on a skit at the beginning. i can't wait! I said I wanted to do the shout out at the beginning and they said I sounded country... Hello! I didn't.. Mabye I did... A LITTLE LOUUUDDDDERRR.
Had my observation today. Thank God it was first period and not third or fifth....or 6th. Second is too quiet and 5th is obnoxiously lovingly loud... and 6th forget it, almost 40 kids.. the counselors are out to lunch... I guess on this one!

Have to turn in my resignation and finish my online interview with Nashville, take 6 portraits this month... It's going by so fast. I LOVE IT!
Glad the observation thing is over.. always wants to make me pop a pill or three... on that note.. I'm one of the only teachers NOT on prescription drugs... I found this out at lunch over a FAT margarita one day.
Does American Idol suck this season or what??? Amazing Race is hysterical... and The Apprentice I watch cause there's a Baylor Girl on there. Sic em...

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