Friday, April 07, 2006

Thank GOD it's Friday!

What a WEEK!!!!!!!!!! It dragged by in the Dell Lab with the kids at school, and LORD! I'm glad the week is over.. Practiced for the step show... it's going to be hysterical! On the 21st. Portraits lined up... oh yah, I'm ADDICTED to MY SPACE.. I am on there now... I love making new friends! My friend is in town visiting his parents and we're going to get together for the glass of red wine that I am going to REALLY enjoy! Everything I say has a exclamation POINT! Portraits this weekend and Moonpie's birthday party on Saturday at the bowling alley.

We're packing.... wish us PINK lIGHT that we will sell the HOUSE!


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Is it May yet????

My nephews Birthday party... my neices and my stepdaughter. They just keep GROWING.... I keep telling Holly to stop, but she's got legs like a giraffe now.. i'm already picturing them as teenagers rolling there eyes...

DSW....Love it! I want to talk about shoes today.. I bought three pair for 100.00 bucks. And one was a pair of Clark's. One should never really shop for shoes anywhere else when on a budget.

We're doing a Poetry research paper at school...God give me strength..the kids... is it May yet? And my room is literally 50 degrees.. I don't know what the deal is. Last week it was 89 in there. I'm wearing my new tennis shoes, they're so comfy... Lord... I worked out today too...because you can serve tea off of my ass the way I've been eating lately over the weekends....

Sunday, April 02, 2006


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