Thursday, December 08, 2005

School's Out

What year is it? 1977... I don't know because the last time we were out for a snow or ice day I was wearing a really bad pantsuit and brown suede shoes from Myers Department store. Fort Worth has shut down and it's only just 22 degrees... No snow though. We don't have that anymore. When I was a kid, we would be off for weeks at a time, and I can remember shoveling snow away from the backdoor. That's right folks, in Texas. We made snow icecream, and put puzzles together at the dining room table and baked cookies. Cut to 2005... I haven't washed my hair in three days... let me upload a picture of that... I'm drinking coffee and procrastinating about cleaning out my closet, because we're selling our house and we HAVE to make these 1950's closet's look spacious...not going to happen. I'm a straightener... my closet's are never really pretty, because I'm always shoving some box or bag of garage sale items in there. Now my cleaning supply closet.... you could write an article for O magazine about that one. It's looking good. Lord... I've had to lock my dogs in the bathroom because of this whole "shiningesque" cabin fever thing we're dealing with today. They follow me from room to room ro room because they cannot stay outside in this weather. Daisy, the golden lab, has already gained 30 pounds in 3 days due to eating out of boredom. I'm supposed to do three portrait shoots this weekend,and I've already put some of them off, I'm going to be hardcore this time.... you know how they always shoot bikini fashion shoots in the dead of winter for some reason, and the model is getting serious hypothermia, well, I've got this giant feaux fur coat, I'm just going to throw over my people. Beauty is pain, people, suck it up.....

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